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Start Your Digital Marketing Career with AI Earn 40 - 50k Monthly as a Freelancer in Just 3 Weeks No Experience Required! Kickstart Your Earning Journey Now!

22 nd Jan 2024

8 PM Onwards

Here's How This Workshop Will Help You ?

Road Map for Freshers to Earn 40 – 50 K Per month as a freelancer
3 Stage Frame work Which Help you to successfull run any Digital Marketing Project
Create Multiple Income Sources with One Skill
Be Among the Top 1% Digital marketer to Avoid Being Laid Off in Recession Like Situation
Hacks To  Crack any Digital marketing interview
Become 10x More Efficient than Your Colleagues

Are you struggling with this ?

These are some of the most common problems that Digital Creators face

Want to start a Digital Marketing Journey But Don’t Know Where to Start

Already done Some Digital Marketing Free Courses from Internet But You Don’t Have Any Practical Hands-on Experience

Done Online/offline Course but  Waiting for Placement or any  Freelancing Project

you Have a Business But Struggling With Digital Marketing: How to Use It to Grow Your Business Digitally

What You Will Learn In 3 Day Digital
Marketing Master-Class


Find Exact Relevant Audience For Any Product

This will Help You to Crack Your Every Job Interviews or Clients
🡆 Audience Research
🡆 JTBD Framework
🡆 Tools:
🡆 Chat GPT
🡆 Google Bard

Landing Page Creation Which Convert User

Copy Paste My Strategies to Convert any User into Lead
🡆 Understand The Difference Between Website and Landing Page
🡆 Landing Page Creation With the Help of AI
🡆 5 Stage Framwork For Landing Page

Live Question & Answer Session

🡆 Resolve Your Each &
every Every Doubt


Highly Effective Adcopy Creation

Create an Adcopy Which will Hook the users and Intimidate to click on the Ads
🡆 5 Stage Framwork To Create Successful Adcopy
🡆 Decode Competitor Ad
🡆 AI Tools To find Wining Ads

Create Irresistible offer For any Product

No Brainer Offer which will Actully Sell
🡆Create Offer for Freelancing Business
🡆 Case Study of how I Convert almost every Client

Live Question & Answer Session

🡆 Resolve Your Each &
every Every Doubt


Get 5/10 Freelancing Client Per Week

The Only Strategy You Need to Start Your Freelancing Career
🡆 Will do This Strategy Practically
🡆 Tools:
  • ChatGPT
  • Canva

Live Facebook Campaign

Get 100s of Low Cost Leads for your Clients or Show this in Interview to stand out as a Candidate Actully Sell
🡆Exclusive tips For Successful Ad Campaign
🡆 Actionable Insights

Live Question & Answer Session

🡆 Resolve Your Each &
every Every Doubt

Uncover the Secrets to Success in our Exclusive Workshop

Learn 3 step Digital Marketing Framework

A 3 Step Framework to The Most Important Aspect in Digital Marketing or Marketing AARRR Funnel

AI Tools to Work Efficiently on 3 Step Parameters ​write in a sentence

Utilize automation software to streamline repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

Build a Landing Page in Minutes​​

Build a landing page quickly with user-friendly website builders and pre-designed templates

A Script Which will Help to Crack any DM Interview​

Create an interview script to ace any Digital Marketing interview with confidence and expertise

Exact Task which you need to perform to Excel Your Career

Continuously learn and develop skills to excel in your career or enhance your team’s performance

By Attending only this Webinar will Make you ahead than any other Beginner Digital Marketer ​​

Gain a competitive advantage as a beginner digital marketer by attending this game-changing webinar


Road Map to Earn 40 - 50 K Per Month as a Freelancer

Road Map to Earn 40 – 50 K Per month as a freelancer thing you required to get more Clients .

Earning 40 – 50k Per month As a Freelancer Is

   NOT A HARD JOB Anymore!

Copy My strategies and Start earning in Just 3 Weeks

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25,000 + Students

Who Should Join This Webinar ?

If you want to Start Career Into Digital Marketing and Want to Stay Ahead with Competition.​

If you are a Freelancer and want to run your One man Marketing Agency More Efficiently.

If you are Entrepreneur and wants to Use Team More Efficiently.

If you Are a House Maker and Want to Start Your Career after a Break, but you don’t have any prior knowledge about Marketing.​

Professionals who want to switch or upskill their careers in Digital Marketing to stay relevant in the future.​

Unlock the BONUSES Worth RS. 9,000 /-

Worth Rs 1999/-

Chat GPT Prompts to Get Desired Results

Worth Rs 499/-

Time Management Course to Improve your Productivity

Worth Rs 2999/-

Hack for interview elevator pitch – Get Noticed in first 5 Minute

Worth Rs 2999/-

Digital Marketing Interview Hacks

Worth Rs 499/-

Free 3 Days Access to Freelancing Session

Why Premium Learnings ?

Premium Learnings: Where you rise to the top 1% in your field.

We are at Premium Learnings Provide the unparalleled expertise, a comprehensive curriculum, personalized learning, practical approach, collaborative community, and career advancement opportunities.



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How can I join the workshop?

You can join from your desktop or your mobile phone using a dedicated link shared on your email, once you register for the workshop.

Is this a FREE Webinar?

Yes ,This will be a Free webinar ,where you will get bonus of worth Rs. Rs.9,000* which will help you to enhance your career.

Will I get the recording of the workshop?

we expect you to be there and experience the learning in real-time.So We Dont Provide any Replay Recording

Will it be in English or Hindi or both?

It will be a mix of Hindi plus English language so that everybody can take advantage of the same.

Can I ask questions during the workshop?

Yes! We will have a dedicated FAQ Session to clear anyone's doubts.

Will I get reminders before the workshop begins?

Yes, you will be reminder before the workshop via email & SMS.

Will I get a certificate for this workshop?

Yes Its Certification Workshop. Once You Complete the 2 Days  workshop  You Will Get a Completion Certificate By Premium Learnings.

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