8 Week Intensive Digital Marketing Career Accelerator Program

Start or Switch Your Career in Digital Marketing in 8 Weeks
Without Any Prior Experience or Technical Skills , Hands on Practical !!

Here's How This Workshop Will Help You ?

Be Among the Top 1% Digital marketer to Avoid Being Laid Off in Recession Like Situation

Become 10x More Efficient than Your Colleagues

Faster Chance To get Selected In Job Interview

More Number of Interview Opportunities As Compared to Normal Candidate

Run a Successful Freelance Career on your own

Work on 5 Projects & Build up your Skill with Experience

Learn through Case Studies To Learn more Effectively

Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program

100% Internship Opportunity After Completing
Digital Marketing Course.

Expert Training | Course + Internship Certification | Live Projects | 100%  Internship Guarantee

We Are Proud To Guarantee A 100% Internship Post-Course Completion, Paving The Way For Your Professional Success. Join Us And Open Doors To Endless Career Possibilities In The Digital Marketing Industry.

Master in-demand digital marketing skills

Build your portfolio

Get a head start in your career

Fast-track your career growth

Real-world project experience

Boost your resume & confidence

Increase your earning potential

Career guidance & support

Discover the Pearks and Benefits that Await You

8 Weeks  Course Duration

160+ Hours of total learning 

80 Hr of live Strategy  & Mentorship Session

5 Projects & case studies

No Pre – Requisite Required

8 Weeks Extensive Digital Marketing Course Features

160+ Hr Intensive Training

  • 80+ Hr Live Strategy & Mentorship session
  • 80+ Hr Learning Session
  • 12 Modules, Practical Driven Apporoch

100% Job Assistance Program

  • Dedicated Job portal with Lifetime Access
  • Freelancing Opportunities via Portal
  • Mock Interviews with Interview Preparation kit

5 Projects

  • 5 Industry Driven Projects
  • Discussion on Cutting age Strategies
  • Solving Real Business Problems

Live Dedicated Website For Portfolio

  • Subdomain and server and Create Your own Showcase
  • Become a Master with Hands-on
  • Showcase your Skill to Recruiter Live

Certificate Preparation

Prepare and get certified before even 8 Weeks

Doubt Community

Become a member of our Exclusive Doubt Community Run By Bright Minds
Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program

Who Should Join This Introduction Session ?

If you want to Start Career Into Digital Marketing and Want to Stay Ahead with Competition.​

If you are a Freelancer and want to run your One man Marketing Agency More Efficiently.

If you are Entrepreneur and wants to Use Team More Efficiently.

If you Are a House Maker and Want to Start Your Career after a Break, but you don’t have any prior knowledge about Marketing.​

Professionals who want to switch or upskill their careers in Digital Marketing to stay relevant in the future.​

Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program

Why Premium Learnings ?

Premium Learning: Where you rise to the top 1% in your field.

We are at Premium Learning’s Provide the unparalleled expertise, a comprehensive curriculum, personalized learning, practical approach, collaborative community, and career advancement opportunities.



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Successfully, more than 35,000 students have been trained.

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Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program
Meet Your Trainer

Mr. Viraj Waikar

Mr. Viraj Waikar Will be Your mentor for the Online AI Powered Digital Marketing Workshop has 8 years of extensive experience in the field and knowledge to guide you in tackling various digital marketing challenges. He has worked as a digital marketing analyst and also completed google AdWords certification which makes him a great fit for a digital marketing trainer. He is qualified to train students on several facets of digital marketing thanks to his proficiency in technologies like SEO, online advertisements, email marketing, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools.

Mr. Sudhanshu Jain

In his 15 years of rich experience in business and training, he has acceded multifaceted positions and responsibilities in CMM level 5 companies servicing several Fortune 500 customers. He also has expertise in implementing marketing clouds for major global product and communication companies.
He is renowned for his inspiring and transparent communication and his zestful visual training sessions where he incorporates drawings, anecdotes, and case studies. His teaching approach simplifies difficult concepts like coding frameworks and CRM design practices. His technical expertise, diverse experience, passion for work and knack of connecting with student make him a loved, cherished and largely followed mentor of many.
Sudhanshu sir 12-01

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Some of Branded Platform Premium Learnings Course Above 55,000
Online Content
Mobile App Support - -
Placement Assistance --
Mentorship Sessions
Interview Preparation KIT
Mock Interviews --
Case Studies
5 Projects
Dedicated Job Portal
Freelancing Portal
Freelancing Client Closing Guidance
Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program

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Before You Ask

Yes !! You Will be Certified For this Workshop!

Validate your learning

Receive an official certificate signed by your mentor vouching that you’ve completed the course and validate your learning with shareable proof.

Show it off!

Flaunt your Premium Learning's Certificate on your CV or your LinkedIn and wow prospective employers.


Join 8 Weeks Digital Marketing Internship Program
What are the prerequisites for joining in the 8 Week Intensive Digital Marketing Career Accelerator Program?

The program welcomes enthusiasts from all backgrounds. The only criteria is a desire to study and a passion for digital marketing.

Is this program suitable for beginners in digital marketing?

Absolutely! Our program is designed for beginners, providing a solid foundation while also offering advanced insights to help you develop in your career.

Will I receive certification upon completion?

Yes, upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a prestigious certification validating your expertise.

Are there networking opportunities during the program?

Certainly! Engage in networking events, interact with industry leaders, and expand your circle within the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

What distinguishes this program from other digital marketing courses?

Our program isn't just about theoretical learning; it's a hands-on, immersive experience. You'll work on real projects, gaining practical insights that set you apart in the industry.

How much time commitment is required weekly for this program?

Expect to dedicate around 15-20 hours per week. The program is designed to be intensive, ensuring you gain comprehensive skills within the 8-week timeframe.

Are there opportunities for mentorship or one-on-one guidance?

Absolutely! Our mentors, comprising seasoned professionals, offer guidance, feedback, and personalized support throughout the program.

How does this program assist in job placement or career advancement?

We offer career guidance, resume building, and interview preparation sessions, equipping you to leverage your newfound skills for career growth.

How does this program assist in job placement or career advancement?

We offer career guidance, resume building, and interview preparation sessions, equipping you to leverage your newfound skills for career growth.

Can I access course materials after completing the program?

Yes, graduates have access to course materials and resources for up to one year, providing an essential resource to accelerate career progress.

Does this program cover emerging trends like AI in marketing or blockchain technologies?

Absolutely! Our curriculum adapts to include emerging trends, ensuring you're at the forefront of technological advancements within the digital marketing sphere.

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