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Sonal Patil

Sonal Patil had always been a bright student. She had just completed her 10th standard and was faced with the dilemma of choosing between Science and Arts. Her father advised her to take up Arts and prepare for government exams while her mother suggested she take up Science and pursue a career in the corporate world. 

After much thought, Sonal decided to take up Science but her father was disappointed. He felt that she did not listen to his advice and decided to distance himself from her. However, Sonal was determined to prove her father wrong.

As she progressed through her graduation, Sonal became increasingly worried as no one seemed interested in her academic performance. This made her feel depressed. But then, one of her friends who worked at Google informed her about the growing importance of Salesforce. 

Sonal decided to do some research and found out about Premium Learnings, a renowned institution for Salesforce training in Pune. She met Sudhashu Sir, who was a well-known Salesforce Trainer, and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Sonal decided to enroll in the course and attended a week-long session. It was during this time that she realized her true calling – to become a Salesforce developer. She worked hard and spent long hours studying, but the satisfaction she derived from learning something new kept her motivated. 

With time, Sonal became an expert in Salesforce and started working for various companies. She soon proved her worth and was rewarded with promotions and pay raises. Her father was amazed at her success and proud of her achievements.

Sonal had achieved her dream of becoming a Salesforce developer, and in the process, she had proved her father wrong. She had shown him that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their goals.

Snehal Khorgade

Snehal Khorgade is an inspiring example of how determination and hard work can help you overcome obstacles in your career.

After completing her MSC, she struggled to find a job in her field due to the lack of proper guidance. However, she did not give up and landed a job as a lecturer in a college.

When she left her job due to her pregnancy, she faced a career gap that made it challenging for her to restart her career. However, she did not let this discourage her and decided to explore new opportunities in the IT industry. With the help of her brother-in-law, she discovered Salesforce and enrolled in an institute to learn the necessary skills.

Despite being a new mother, Snehal was determined to make the most of this opportunity and studied hard, even matching her schedule with her baby’s needs. Her dedication paid off when she was selected as a Salesforce Developer by a reputed company.

Snehal’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and the importance of seeking guidance and exploring new opportunities. It shows that with the right mindset, you can overcome any challenge and achieve success in your career.

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If You Also Want to be One of Them Then Seize Your Chance It's Your Turn to Shine so, Step into The World of Success And be a Part of The Success Stories.

If You Also Want to be One of Them Then Seize Your Chance It's Your Turn to Shine so, Step into The World of Success And be a Part of The Success Stories.

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