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Breakdown the barriers in Career with our Career Accelerator Program which has everything you wished you had

Career Accelerator Program(C.A.P.) is an intensive 12 week online training program conducted by Premium Learnings to enable the professionals for the Premium-IT industry even if they are coming from a non-IT background. All the subjects are taught from scratch, and the language used in easy HinGlish (Hindi + English) so that even the students having average communication skills can understand it better.

Our course structure is expertly curated with insightful sessions, core skills teachings, advanced frameworks and useful tools that will help you upskill. The course structure is designed in a specified way to help individuals reach their potential. From the initial stages of the program you will be trained in technologies for work and will be groomed in sessions for interviews.


Throughout the course duration you will be trained in multiple modules of Salesforce, and by the end of our course you will be required to clear a test to complete the course, after which you will be eligible for our 1 year recruitment assistance.


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